Constructing a new home or just doing a one room remodeling project requires many choices from cabinetry to flooring, lighting and color choices. We will walk you through each design step.
From living room to kitchen . . master bedroom to the screened in sunroom, our passion is to help you discover designs that match your personal taste and bring your style vision to life with ease.
Look no further then Ellen Holmes to find the perfect decor to enhance your specific taste and style.
Colors do many things. Our days rise and set by them. It soothes and uplifts our spirits and illuminates our lives.
Throughout our homes the right color choices draws attention to the places that we enjoy every day.
From warm inviting colors to the bold and bright comtemporary we will help you choose the right colors that will make each individual space it's own focal point.
New Construction & Remodeling
Custom Designed Fabric, Draperies & Furniture
Color Consults
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Space Planning
Custom Furnishings
Window Coverings
Color Choices
Interior & Exterior Design
Area Rugs
Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
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With the grace, elegance and easy sophistication of our traditional styles, we will show you how simple it can be to make each room a unique masterpiece.
With deisgns that never go out of style, Ellen Holmes's services will help make your personality showcase and complement
your style for years to come.
Dramatic and Bold, our Contemporary & Modern designs bring a sophistication and unexpected edge to complement your personality and style.

Making each individual space exude a sense of confidence with one of a kind designs, we will bring your visions to life.
Modern & Contemporary
Blending multiple styles into one condusive space is one of our specialties. Over the years most clients collect multiple different styles of furniture and acessories. The secret is making these different styles work into your own space.
Eclectic Styles
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Exterior Design
Bringing your sense of style to the exterior of your home is a wonderful way not only to enjoy your outdoor space but to bring an unexpected luxory to your patio, garden and landscape.
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